The Toledo Region's Starting Place for Tech


Events are one of the key places to connect with others in our tech startup community. Events are also where you learn things. And where you have the discussions to help you get to step 2 (Creating the beginnings of your startup).

Community Calendar

Toledo Tech Events is our community calendar that lists all of the tech, design and entrepreneur events in the region. Check Toledo Tech Events on a regular basis!

If you discover that something is missing, add it to the calendar to give back to the community.

New to the Community

If you are new to the community, StartUp Toledo is a monthly event that is a good way to get introduced to people.

Major Events

Some events happen once a year (or sometimes more often) and are “cannot miss” because they are so central to the tech startup community:

Keep an eye out for when these are happening and plan ahead so you do not miss them. They will be listed in the community calendar to help you not miss them.

Other things to add to your schedule

Another thing to add to your schedule is listening to The Business Blackboard radio show. It airs live on Saturday mornings from 8am – 10am on WSPD 1370 (listen online, podcast archives).

Contact us for any changes or additions!